New scent for McQueen

Designer Alexander McQueen is introducing a new perfume this fall, entitled “My Queen”. Tongue in cheek, maybe, but also a reference to how a woman should feel like a queen. According to YSL Beaute, developers of the scent, the perfume is designed to evoke four major responses: “marvelous”, “dazzling”, “mysterious” and “intoxicating”. These categories also represent four different fragrance sets, which together make up the scent My Queen.

Alexandra Illouz, the product mananger for Alexander McQueen at YSL Beaute, said: “We were testing four different fragrance sets – Marvelous, Dazzling, Mysterious, and Intoxicating – before developing My Queen. These four sets have completely different ingredients and aromas. Finally, My Queen – as a final product- combines everything.”

Chantal Roos, president of YSL Beaute, said at a press preview last week: “He designed everything, from the vision of My Queen fragrance to the adverstising visual. McQueen sees the extraordinary when we see the ordinary. Everything that he designed was based on his inspirations and his imaginationa of mystery and secret. Even the colour violet (used in the bottle) gives me a very deep feeling of a mysterious Queen.”

McQueen said: ” I want to create a fragrance for a Queen, who is poweful and mysterious all at once, familiar and distant, assertive and sensitive, luminous and secretive. (It) must be a fragrance like the emotion a Queen arouses – like her, elegant and indefinable, changing with her skin, her mood, her fancy. A fragrance is like her, ceaselessly transforming herself and alwasy ruling over her desires.”

The new scent will be cast in a lower price range than perfumes by Chanel and Christian Dior. “We were trying to set the price not too high, like Chanel or Christian Dior,” said Illouz. “My Queen is the middle range of the fine products, so everyone can afford it.” At GBP 28,40 for 35 ml Eau de Parfum, anyone can feel like a Queen.

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