No Eid For Family Of Kargil War Veteran Who Has Been Declared ‘Foreigner’ By Assam Tribunal

When the whole country is celebrating Eid after a month-long fast during the holy month of Ramzan, the family of Kargil war veteran Honourary Captain (retd), Mohammed Sanaullah isn’t celebrating the festival as Sanaullah had been declared a ‘foreigner’ by the tribunal and was sent to a detention centre despite serving in the Indian Army for 30 years. The wife of ex-army man, Sanima Begum is not celebrating Eid as her husband was sent to detention centre.

The tribunal is a quasi-judicial body that hears the cases of people who are apprehended in suspicion of being illegal immigrants in Assam and the 52-year-old Sanaullah failed to prove his identity as an Indian before the tribunal. He was detained by Border Organisation of Assam police, the same organisation; he was employed with after he retired from the army.

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