No Splashing

There usually isn't much in the way of news between seasons in Liga MX. Sure, there are a few players that change teams, in the window, but it's hardly seismic. But all that changed yesterday with two announcements: the first one being that the nightmare in the NY/NJ area was over. Rafa Marquez and Redbulls had come to a mutual accord, in that Rafa would no longer be playing for them… much to Redbull fans' delight. A few hours later, a Liga MX team announced that they had come to an agreement with Rafa.

Unfortunately for me and the rest of us, it wasn't the team I was hoping for.

When the FMF suits rebranded Mexican futbol as Liga MX, one of their goals was to crank up the entertainment value. They wanted to increase the league's Q factor, and not just in Mexico. Rafa coming back to Mexico would do just that. But he had to come to the right team. And then a certain someone, who has a history of killing Mexico, won another MLS Cup for the Galaxy.

The promoter in me came up with a brilliant marketing plan. Imagine putting the most hated American soccer player in Mexico with the most hated Mexican soccer player in the US on the most hated team in Liga MX. More fannies in seats? Yessir. TV ratings boost? On both sides of the border? Check and check.

Why didn't Club America think of this?

Club America is in the market for a playmaker, and Landon Donovan certainly has plenty of fuel left in his tank to help the Aguilas. Marquez, whose own tank was given a reprieve with his less than half-hearted performance over the past few years in MLS, would be a welcome addition to the back line, particularly if the rumors of young Diego Reyes' departure to the Portuguese league comes to pass.

Donovan had flirted with the Mexico City side in the past, so a move to them is certainly not out of the realm of possibility. And Televisa could make a deal extremely attractive. Rafa's heart is with the team that made him: Atlas. But the rojinegros have been, are, and always will be a hot mess. Best to stay away from that train wreck.

America could have swooped in, but no.

Leon beat them to the punch, and they will have Rafa help them try and make it into the Libertadores, along with Nery Castillo. Appointment televsion, indeed.

Club America is rumored to be opting for the more boring, steadier, occasional national team skipper Maza Rodriguez.

All steak and no sizzle. Where is the fun in that, Club America.

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