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Normally, we try not to give rank stupidity a link, for obvious reasons.

In this case though, if I did not, people would claim I was making it up.

So here you go:


I am forever indebted to BS loyalist "evangel" for passing along this article which, I admit, I read several times because I couldn't believe that it was not a parody.

Of course, there's also the realm of self parody, like when a certain blogger whom Aaron had SOME THINGS TO SAY ABOUT the other day breathlessly passes along the shocking, almost inconceivable news that in the ongoing kerfuffle between USL1/NuRock and the TOA "THE TOA HAS APPROACHED AN ATTORNEY" who "could be handling" one thing or another. Possibly. At some point. Maybe.

Well stop the frikkin presses! You mean to tell us that two opposing parties of businessmen with millions of dollars at stake are squaring off and someone rang up some shyster at Dewey, Cheatem and Howe?

Of course, if you guys would ever let me get away with that many "we are told by sources" and "from this we can presume" and "this would appear to" and "we have been told" and "we have recieved word" and "based on our reporting" and "according to one source" etc., etc., etc. I could provide this page with daily blockbusters the likes of which even Dan Loney on a ten day ether and grain alcohol bender couldn't imagine.

But I'm not complaining. You're a tough audience and that's fine with me.

Better that than an audience that lets you get away with bizarre comments like:

"Americans don't much like to have it pointed out that it's important to have a presence in the New York market." (Hat tip to FAKE SIGI)

So take THAT all of you who keep saying that we should get the hell out of New York. Whoever the hell you are.

But since this is the same blogger who sends me mash notes with blown kisses like

"Just understand that I'm watching closely and if you ever cross the line of fair comment I will legally act… Defamation is reverse onus in British Common Law."

(thanks Bud, I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Or not) I'll just move along.

I had a nice chat with a Seattle fan yesterday wherein, among other things, we talked about the reason why a lot of MLS fans seem to have a negative opinion of Sounders fans.

Immediately afterwards, someone sent me THIS LINK which proves that if nothing else, even the supposed professional journalists up there have a shockingly tin ear:

"We all know that Seattle is the center of MLS soccer, that no other city supports its team like this one, that Seattle has set attendance records and every game was sold out this year. And that other MLS towns like to hate on that, like this city is afforded special status because of the support for the team or something ridiculous.

Did you catch that? He starts out by taking for granted the proposition that Seattle "is the center of MLS soccer" and then ridicules the idea that people think the city is "afforded special status".

Pardon me, Einstein, but you yourself just got done "affording" Seattle "special status" (I believe "the center of MLS soccer" was the term you used) and then said that doing so was "ridiculous" and is caused by (what else?) "hate".

Then, as further evidence of Sounders modesty, he ends on a humble note:

"Furthermore, do you think that Sounders FC is on the world map now as far as a destination point for foreign players?"

Oh, I absolutely do, so long as none of them believes Seattle has "special status".

Since this piece seems to be about nothing at all, I'll take this opportunity to right a couple of wrongs:

First, I used some facts from the always worthwhile CLIMBING THE LADDER yesterday and forgot to provide attribution. The MLS Foul Awards post is very interesting, and the one below it breaking down MLS Goal Details is enough raw material to keep even the most depraved US soccer fan entertained for days on end. Enjoy.

Secondly, highly regarded Moderator (and thus, Stupidface) Stan Collins passed along the bit about the England bid committee providing expensive designer handbags to the FIFA greedheads and I forgot to give him credit, whether he wanted it or not.

And while I'm on the subject of juicy nuggets from my inbox, I have no idea what to do with THIS DISTURBING ARTICLE provided by Sachin, another well respected Moderating Stupidface, except to say that, after seeing TFCs' futility in the box this season, one thing nobody can say is that they kick like girls. The girls apparently kick much harder.

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