Polish MEP lampooned after dressing as a medieval knight and ‘slaying’ Eurocrat Germans

A Polish MEP has been lampooned for a campaign ahead of the European elections depicting him clad in armour and slaying Germanic knights in medieval combat.

The sword-wielding victor of the mock battle is Karol Karski, an MEP representing Law and Justice, Poland’s governing party. His opponents, judging by their colours, appear to be knights of the Teutonic Order, a German religious and military order that once dominated chunks of modern day Poland.

Holding up a loose visor in Monty-Python style, and wearing a tunic of red and white—the Polish national colours—Mr Karski says that on May 26 a “very important battle” will take place.

“We will decide on how Poland will perform on the international stage,” he continues. “Effective or reliable? I choose effective and courageous.

“Let’s win together for Poland,” the MEP concludes, still clutching his sword and shield.

The campaign advert proved controversial

Since coming into office in 2015 the Law and Justice government has had an abrasive relationship with the EU, often portraying itself as a victim of interference from Brussels as it stands up for Polish interests. It has also taken a number of swipes at Germany, claiming, for example, that Berlin stills owes Poland damages for the Second World War.

Although it is unclear if the low-budget video was intended to be humorous or not, many Poles were quick to mock it on social media, with references to the knights from Monty Python’s Holy Grail especially common. 

Others pointed out that the Teutonic Knights were actually a Catholic order so maybe Poland was preparing for a martial showdown with the Vatican. One person wrote on Twitter that while history was important for Law and Justice, going back some 800 years was somewhat excessive.

The knightly combat video is not the first time Mr Karski has raised eyebrows, and perhaps a few wry smiles, with his election campaigning. In the past he released a video of a song set to a simple and repetitive electronic beat, which called on voters to “choose, choose, choose Karski: vote for him now”.  

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