Prince Harry’s Valentine’s Day Surprise Made Him ​Prett​y​ Uncomfortable

Prince Harry spent his first Valentine’s Day as a married man away from the Duchess of Sussex ― but only for a few hours. 

The royal spent part of the holiday inside the Arctic Circle in Norway with British and Norwegian troops to observe extreme cold weather training, traditionally called Exercise Clockwork. 

The soldiers treated Harry to a funny ― and somewhat uncomfortable ― surprise, hidden inside an igloo. 

The interior of the snow house was decorated with photos of the duke and former actresses’ royal wedding day on May 19. The troops even added soft music and candlelight to complete what Harry called the “romantic” shrine.

The royal was clearly a bit overwhelmed by it all. Rebecca English of the Daily Mail captured a video of Harry’s astonishment. 

After appearing a bit flustered, Harry laughed it off, joking with the soldiers: “You weirdos! Nice!”

He added: “It’s very kind of you to invite into your private ― err ― shrine.” 

After a few joking moments, he was back to playing it cool. What other choice is there in an igloo?

Harry, who was appointed Captain General of the Royal Marines by Queen Elizabeth in 2017, spent lots of time with the troops, observing exercises and chatting with them about their various duties.

Later in the visit, he took part in cutting a cake (with a sword, no less) to mark the 50th anniversary of the Commando Helicopter Force and Joint Helicopter Command.  

After that, it was back to Kensington Palace to spend the rest of Valentine’s Day with the Duchess of Sussex. The two are headed to Morocco soon. 

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