Punishment Martinez Talks Making His NXT Debut, Fans Expectations

Following his loss to “The King Of Bros” Matt Riddle in his NXT TV debut on The WWE Network this past Wednesday night, Punishment Martinez spoke with NXT Interviewer Sarah Schreiber.
The former ROH World Television Champion spoke about accomplishing his dreams, noting that there are moments in life that people look forward to and he is living his.
“In life there are moments that we look forward to,” said Martinez. “We work hard, we have dreams. To accomplish them is another feeling. That’s where I’m at.”

Martinez continued, telling fans to expect nothing but the best from him on the best stage to be.
“You should expect nothing less than the best. Anybody who comes to NXT is expected to be that,” said Martinez. “This is the place for the best, and you will see the best out of Punishment Martinez.”
You can check out the entire interview Punishment Martinez had with Sarah Schreiber in the video below:

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