Ramos' doping denial accused of contradicting leaked documents over shower claims

The Real Madrid defender said he had permission from the anti-doping official, but Der Spiegel alleges he ignored strict instructions not to shower

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has been accused of contradicting an anti-doping official’s report over whether he had permission to shower after a Real Madrid game, according to documents released by Der Spiegel.

The released documents, which are part of the German media outlet’s Football Leaks coverage, are a response to claims the Real Madrid defender made on social media on Saturday in which he claimed to have been allowed to shower following a match against Malaga in April this year.

On Friday, Der Spiegel alleged a pair of doping infractions against Ramos, claiming he tested positive for a banned substance after the 2017 Champions League final and that he showered without permission prior to a doping test after a game against Malaga, something that is forbidden.

The allegations say Ramos and the Real Madrid team doctor claimed showering prior to the test was permitted, but the official said it was not. Ramos allegedly then showered in front of the official despite his protest.

The 32-year-old had released a statement yesterday refuting Der Spiegel’s claims. On the Champions League final, Ramos claimed to have received “standard medical treatment” by the club and the matter had been resolved.

On the allegation of his conduct following the Malaga match, Ramos said he had permission from the official to shower after the game.

“When the match ended, I was requested to complete an anti-doping test,” the Spain international said in a statement.

“Given the time pressures on the team’s return journey, the official allowed me to shower, remaining in his presence at all times, before completing the test which I passed, as in all cases.”

However, Der Spiegel claimed the opposite, saying while the centre-back asked for permission, he was denied and now have alleged to have released official documents from AEPSAD, the Spanish anti-doping agency, which refute the defender’s account.

The documents are purportedly the anti-doping official’s report, in which he states he repeatedly warned Ramos not to shower before providing a urine sample, but the Real Madrid captain did not abide by the request.

In addition to Ramos, Real Madrid have also issued strong denials to the Football Leaks allegations, claiming their captain “never breached anti-doping control regulations” and said UEFA closed the matter after “verification by the experts from the World Anti-Doping Agency, AMA, and of UEFA itself”.

Ramos, who has won four Champions League titles with Real Madrid, has warned his legal team will “take further action in those cases that misrepresent the truth and therefore undermine my reputation and violate my rights”.

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