Sasha Banks Makes Serious Post About "Wanting Magic" Back In Her Life

Sasha Banks has been getting fans talking with random vague messages posted on social media from time-to-time. In her latest post of this nature, which you can view below, “The Boss” talks about “wanting magic” back in her life.

“There is something about the way life happens today that makes it hard to look ahead,” wrote Banks via her official Instagram page. “There are things that make it difficult to laugh; difficult to live the way you want. There are things that make it almost impossible to trust where you are, or to believe in where you want to be.”

Banks continued, “You look around and life is happening way too fast. Sometimes it feels like the moments are gone. Everything happens all at once and right away. We’re marching towards a destiny we cannot understand, towards the kingdom of convenient. Then one day you look up and you can’t find the meaning.

“Your crisis of purpose and passion is acting up, but they tell you that that’s suppose to be normal. Well… I don’t want normal, I want magic; cause that’s the place that feels like home to me. That’s the place where I remember what dreams look like, where meaning is effortless, and purpose is simple. That’s the place where love still matters. I want that feeling of coming home again. I want to feel like myself….. I want that.”

Check out Sasha Banks’ post below.

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A post shared by Sasha Banks (@sashabankswwe) on Jan 6, 2019 at 2:13pm PST

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