Sauber to ramp up workforce at Hinwil

In a bid to claim a future stake in Formula 1’s mid-field battle, Sauber will start boosting its staff numbers, says team boss Fred Vasseur.

The Swiss outfit was saved from extinction last year when investor Longbow Financial took the team’s reins and provided a salutary influx of cash.

As part of its development plans, Sauber’s new owner parted company with team principal Monisha Kaltenborn earlier this year and hired ART Grand Prix and former Renault sport team boss Frederic Vasseur to lead the troops.

After securing an extension to its engine deal with Ferrari for 2018, Vasseur is now focusing on building Sauber’s human resources from its current 320-person foundation to approximately 100 more.

“The number we are is too small,” he said.

“We have to grow up, we have to grow up in each department, mainly in aero. More or less, that [400] will be the target,” says Vasseur.

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While the Frenchman sees the team’s recruitment program being fulfilled relatively quickly, he also insisted however that quality would take precedence over quantity.

“We have to take the guys at a good place and in a good position,” underlined Vasseur.

“If you increase the headcount, you have to increase the budget but that was not the most difficult part of this.

“You have to find the right guys, you have to identify the position. To take guys that you want to make numbers. That would be the worst case. It would be better to stay at 320 than to take guys like this.”

The fact that Sauber’s base is located in Hinwil, Switzerland, won’t exactly facilitate the team’s hiring spree, but Vasseur will press on nevertheless.

“There are advantages and disadvantages,” he said.

“When you’re in the UK, it’s easy to move from one team to another one. On the other end, in all areas, we’ll have some guys coming from Germany, looking for a position.

“I moved to Switzerland and I really appreciate the move.”

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