Segment For Raw Revealed, Matt Hardy’s New Look, Lesnar in 2005

Monday Night Raw will be taking place as usual tonight at 8pm ET on the USA Network from Denver, Colorado. Last week’s show ended with Enzo Amore insulting all of the cruiserweights until Neville interrupted and destroyed him before landing his signature Red Arrow maneuver. After Raw went off the air, the rest of the cruiserweights, as well as Braun Strowman came down to the ring to attack the new Cruiserweight Champion. PWInsider has now revealed that WWE is going to have a segment on the show featuring Enzo once again calling out the cruiserweight division. Be sure to check it out when the newest edition of Raw airs live later tonight.
Matt Hardy achieved great success last year due in large part to his wildly-successful “Broken” gimmick. The character has not been utilized on WWE television since Matt and his brother Jeff returned to WWE earlier this year, but fans are still eager to know when the “Broken” character could be returning. Matt Hardy posted a short video on social media earlier today wherein he has his hair frizzled out and cut in a similar fashion to his “Broken” character. He also used his infamous “you knew I’d come” catchphrase that he popularized during the character’s run. This could all just be yet another elaborate tease by Matt, but Hardy has teased that he will be evolving himself now that Jeff Hardy will be out for several months.

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Brock Lesnar’s time with WWE originally came to an end in 2004 after he lost a widely-panned match against Goldberg at Wrestlemania 20. He decided that he wanted to pursue a career in the NFL, but his run did not last long. He then found some success in New Japan Pro Wrestling before moving onto his famous UFC career. Former WWE writer Court Bauer spoke with Wrestling Inc. recently and revealed some details of a planned Lesnar return back in 2005. Brock Lesnar would have come back to face Batista, who was on the rise as a main event talent back then. Bauer said, “We were going to have him leave a trail of wreckage until Batista said, ‘That’s enough. You’re on my turf. I’m going to put down this great white shark’.” Bauer said that he was later told not to factor Lesnar in any future storyline plans, but Lesnar did return to WWE at long last back in 2012.

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