Swarovski collaborates with Ales Grey to launch in UK

US lifestyle brand Ales Grey has made it debut in the UK with a
collaboration with crystals company Swarovski on a “vibrant installation”
as part of its pop-up at Selfridges.

The joint custom installation centres around a crystallised basketball
theme and features around 1 million crystals from Swarovski, on display is
a sparkling basketball back wall, basketball net, and a basketball covered
with crystals bearing the Ales Grey logo.

The pop-up will be open for a month at Selfridges, Oxford Street store
in London, and will include limited-edition, crystal-encrusted trainers,
the ‘Battalion Hi’ and ‘Battalion Low’ styles, which have special leathers
and outsoles that feature a new exclusive colour created by Ales Grey for
Margom soles in Italy.

Alongside the trainer launch is the Ales Grey ready-to-wear clothing
line, presenting upcycled, hand-picked vintage T-shirts (circa 1995), which
have been glittered with Swarovski ‘Crystal Electric Lacquer’ crystals,
which are also making their debut in the UK for the first time. Ales Grey
is one of the first companies in the world to showcase Swarovski’s new
state-of-the-art UV crystals.

In addition, a portion of every pair of trainers’ retail price will go
towards supporting the Los Angeles-based creative campus known as the
Inner-City Art organisation, which provides well-equipped studios and
professional teaching staff to give school-going youngsters the opportunity
to work in the visual, performing and media arts.

Based in Los Angeles, Ales Grey is the newest luxury brand launched by
industry veteran “Sneaker Steve” Patiño. The name is derived from his son’s
name and is a tribute to how Patiño envisions the future of footwear and
fashion with seasonal offerings for men and women. All items are handmade
in the finest artisan factories in Europe, using only the best resources
from Portugal and Italy to produce some of the highest quality products in
the world.

Images: courtesy of Ales Grey and Swarovski

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