The Young Bucks Cut a Promo After ROH Event; Took Shots at WWE

ROH held their Global Wars show in Buffalo, New York last Thursday night. After the show, The Young Bucks (along with Kenny Omega) got on the mic and cut a promo, even taking not-so-subtle shots at WWE.
The Young Bucks first referenced the recently fired WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs before speaking of their much talked about Raw invasion as well as receiving the cease and desist letters from WWE. Matt Jackson then stated that he loves ROH because he can say whatever the hell he wants and he won’t get a damn cease and desist letter for it and that he has the freedom to take a selfie with whomever he wants. 
Nick Jackson then took a shot at WWE having a live Raw on Christmas Day by saying that they will see would be able to see their family on Christmas. Matt then incited the audience by saying that a billion dollar company can take away their hand gestures but that it is only taking it away from the fans and then he urged everyone in the stands to say the “too sweet” catchphrase and to put those damn hands in the air on the count of three.

Kenny Omega then said: “You can take away our last names. You can take away our hand symbols. But you can’t take our freedom.”

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