True Sports acquiring Aerotech shafts

True Sports, the umbrella company for True Temper, Project X, Accra Golf and other sport divisions, has just announced a total purchase of Aerotech Golf Shafts for an undisclosed amount. This purchase comes on the heels of another recent purchase earlier this year when True Sports purchased Canadian-based shaft company Accra Golf.

From a total package perspective this deal makes a lot of sense for everyone involved, True Temper/Project X is already the industry leader in steel shafts, along with offering a full array of graphite products from driver to iron shafts under a number of brands. While on the other hand Aerotech and the SteelFiber shafts are the number 1 graphite iron shaft on all professional tours with many notable players using various models. AeroTech is also the leader by a large margin on the LPGA Tour with a number of the world’s top women’s players using the shafts on route to multiple wins including majors championships in 2019.

How This All Fits

From a portfolio perspective, Aerotech further rounds out the True Sports graphite shaft options available to both the custom aftermarket segment, and to OEMs as part of their custom matrix options. The purchase of Aerotech strengthens True Sports’ position in the OEM world since the SteelFiber line is one of the most requested custom options from OEMs and customers.

This works well as a contrast to the recent Accra Golf purchase since Accra Golf caters exclusively to the aftermarket custom club market and doesn’t offer any shaft models to the OEM world.

From a technology standpoint, Aerotech SteelFiber shafts stand out because of the way they are constructed – from AeroTech,

“The filament winding process yields a seamless and incredibly uniform bending golf shaft. The steel fiber material is produced using a bundle drawing process that utilizes multiple reductions in the diameter of stainless steel wire. Once the wire becomes thin enough, 1,000 individual wires are bundled together and placed inside an iron tube that is further reduced until each individual steel wire is 8 microns in diameter. Each 8 micron steel filament is approximately 1/10th the diameter of a human hair. Finally, 3,000 individual filaments are combined and spun onto spools.”

This is a contrast to the method utilized by essentially every other graphite shaft manufacturer which uses sheets of various pre-preg graphite materials wrapped around a mandrel to produce a shaft.

The other interesting part of this is how Aerotech and its technology and processes could be used outside of the golf world in other sports under the True umbrella, including hockey and lacrosse, since it was the original Aerotech company that produced some of the earliest composite hockey sticks, which are now the norm in the industry.

It’s going to be very interesting to watch how this plays out in 2020 and beyond for both True and Aerotech, and we will continue to follow any developments or changes to both organizations.

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