UK textile industry to create 20,000 jobs by 2020

A new report says the UK’s 9 billion pound textile industry could create
20,000 jobs by 2020.

The Alliance Report ‘Repatriation of UK Textiles Manufacture’ says 5,000
new jobs were created in 2014.

Demand high for British made goods

The growth in British manufacturing comes from as sourcing from low cost
countries has weakened due consumers wanting shorter lead times (fast
fashion) and an increasing demand for British made goods.

The report, which is published on Tuesday, claims to be the biggest study
in 20 years on supply and demand within the sector and cites a number of
positives for future growth.

Increasing costs from competing countries making UK sourcing more
attractive and traditional areas of manufacturing are focussed around high
unemployment pockets.

John Dixon, executive director general Merchandise for retail giant Marks &
Spencer commented: “The report shows what a positive effect a resurgent UK
textile industry has on job creation, skills and innovation on our own

“That’s why we’re backing the Alliance report and the Textile Growth Fund
and why we continue to invest in the industry through products like our
‘Best of British’ range and our textile apprenticeship scheme.”

Image: Made in UK

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