Vela celebrates Bicentenario in style

Carlos Vela should tick off the Mexican press more often.

Barely a week removed from a ridiculously contentious episode in which Carlos Vela had the nerve to speak his mind, the Arsenal striker returned to action at the Emirates in great form: getting one goal over the weekend vs. Bolton and a brace earlier today in the Champions League against Portugal’s Sporting Braga.

Vela sparked a partisan-newschannel-style faux outrage wildfire during the international break, when he said that he didn’t really feel as if he was a Chiva. The nerve. After all, he had been playing professionally since he was 16, but not with the Guadalajara Club. He then threw kerosene onto the blaze by saying that he doesn’t care for field turf, and he prefers the natural stuff. Chivas’ glorious new Omnilife Stadium inexplicably has field turf.

Chivas supporters were not happy with him, and Bronx cheered him from the pitch when he was substituted in Mexico’s 2-1 loss to Ecuador at the Omnilife.

In Mexico’s next game in Monterrey, Vela came on as a sub, but not before cameras caught a shot where the coach was talking to Vela, but Vela was not looking at him. The professional speculators in the Mexican Press went bananas. The worst of which was here.

¡Ay ay ay!

To top it off, some of the Mexican players, once their National Team duty was over, decided to rent a meeting room at their Monterrey hotel and have a party.

The press had a field day.

Even his former coach, Chucho Ramirez, was on the record saying that Vela needed to mature. Well, he is only 21.

Vela was the whipping boy of the week, but amazingly, hew was the only Mexican in the EPL who saw any action in league play last weekend.

It took him just a few minutes to score against Bolton.

And then he got a brace tonight in the Champions League.

What a great way to celebrate las fiestas patrias — Gunner style.

And the Mexican press? It won’t be long before the collective vein in their foreheads throb over the next faux controversy.

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