Volleyball cup in Poland

Skra Belchatów is again winner of polish volleyball cup. In final match Belchatow knocked down Olsztyn 3:0. BOT Skra Bełchatów already booked place for next year of European Champions League. 



Skra Belchatow did not give any chance to other teams in polish volleyball cup. Belchatów performed team play but also they have M. Wlazly. Opposite of Skra is againg the best player, serving 120 kph, blocking and attacking crucial points. For Belchatów this is the third cup victory in a row. 

Final      BOT Skra Bełchatów3252825––PZU AZS Olsztyn0232617––      –Semifinal     –BOT Skra Bełchatów319252525–Jastrzębski Węgiel SSA125201823–       PZU AZS Olsztyn32522251515Wkręt-Met Domex AZS Częstochowa22325212513       1/4 final      BOT Skra Bełchatów325252225–Mostostal Kędzierzyn–Koźle123202521–       Jastrzębski Węgiel SSA3252525––EnergiaPro Gwardia Wrocław0191516––       PZU AZS Olsztyn32523222515AZS Politechnika Warszawska22225251513       Wkręt-Met Domex AZS Częstochowa3252630––Asseco Resovia SSA Rzeszów0112428––

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