WCH Pool B: Favourites are on right way

Specatators in Katowice watched short matches today. All games end up with straight 3-set wins for Brazil, Finland and Germany.



Cuba: Macias (1), Jimenez (15), Fiel (5), Cepeda (5), Uriarte (5), Mesa (2), Gutierrez (L) and Romero (2), Calvo, Osoria, Alfonso, Chapman (1)
Germany: Kampa (3), Schwarz (5), Böhme (6), Grozer (19), Kaliberda (10), Günthör (4), Tille (L) and Broshog, Fromm (1), Westpahl

Germans didn’t cease their hands from beginning of the game. Opposite Gyorgy Grozer was almost perfect spiker, whille libero Ferdinand Tille saved many balls in defence. Cubans played chaotically and lost contact with opponent (5-8, 11-16) Strong serves by Grozer and good blocking performance stopped team coached by Rodolfo Sanchez. (16-25)

Germans kept going with strong and effective game, getting quick advantage (4-8). Later Cubans found their rhythm (10-11). When Grozer came into serve, Germans regained consciousness and Cubans lost focus. Grozer was strongly supported by outside hitters: Denis Kaliberda and Sebastian Schwarz. Cuban players made too many mistkaes (17-21), block by Germany ended set (21-25).

10 minutes of break didn’t stop Vital Heynen’s team. Strong effective spikes by wing spiker Javier Jimenez weren’t enough to beat Deutschland. Setter Lukas Kampa set calmly because opponent played poorly. After 2nd TTO both teams were committing too many errors, but Germany had visible advantage (15-20). Match was ended by Kaliberda’s spike.

Finland: Esko (7), Kunnari (9), Ma.Oivanen (6), Sivula (14), Siltala (7), Lehtonen (8), Kerminen (L) and Ojansivu (1), Mi.Oivanen, Tervaportti
Korea: M.G.Lee, M.G.Song (6), Y.S.Shin (7), J.D.Seo (9), S.S.Kwak (8), M.H.Choi (7), Y.C.Bu (L) and S.S.Han, K.I.Jeon (2), C.W.Park, S.H.Park (1), M.S.Jeong (L)

Finn team came into match with strong spikes and serves. Koreans had problems in reception and their almost whole line-up after last match surprisingly. Suomi kept distance thanks to good game by setter Mikko Esko and middle Jukka Lehtonen. Even good performance by Korean wing spikers Myung-Geun Song and Jae-Duck Seo didn’t help Koreans a lot (25-22).

Koreans didn’t give up after first set and had great defence (1-4, 5-10). Suomi decreased behind quite quickly (9-11, 16-16). Koreans lost control and their errors were like a fresh air for Finland, which won tight set (26-24).

Last set was under control of team coached by Tuomas Sammelvuo. Finland thanks to good serves gained huge advantage (10-1). Koreans tried to use Suomi’s errors but it was too late to fight neck in neck (15-5, 25-15).

Tunisia: Sellami, Moalla (1), Miladi (1), Kaabi (6), Karamosli (6), Agrebi, Taouerghi (L) and Nagga (4), Ben Slimene (2), Garci (8), Ben Otmen Miladi
Brazil: Bruno (2), Lucarelli (12), Lucas (8), Wallace (7), Murilo, Eder (9), Felipe Silva (L), Mario Junior (L) and Felipe Fonteles (6), Renan (3), Raphael (1), Maurcio (1)

Last game was a match without any story. African team didn’t have any chance to fight with Canarinhos except start of first set. Bernardo Rezende gave rest for middle Sidao and opposite Visotto, but in starting line-up we saw the best players. Brazil kept control and Bernardinho gave chance to his backups who played as effective as starters. Lucarelli again became team’s leader and for me he’s a rising star of this team.

Photo and infographics: FIVB

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