What Happened With Stone Cold Steve Austin on Raw Revealed

It had been rumored throughout the day that Stone Cold Steve Austin was going to be returning to the company on last week’s edition of Monday Night Raw. Numerous sites were reporting on it, and the Staples Center arena where Raw was taking place was selling Los Angeles 3:16 t-shirts at the official merchandise stand. Later on that day, Austin was photographed arriving at the arena, and he was said to be in the building by the early afternoon. Unfortunately for fans of “The Texas Rattlesnake”, Steve Austin did not appear on the show after all. Most assumed that the speculation was incorrect, but there was apparently some truth to the rumors from that day.
Sportskeeda has reported on the actual reason why Steve Austin did not appear on Monday Night Raw from this past week. It appears that Austin was originally going to be taking part in the Miz TV segment that featured LaVar Ball. Hoping to get some mainstream attention out of the angle, the plan was for the segment to conclude with Austin giving a Stunner to Ball, which Austin agreed to do. Over the weekend, Ball’s representatives decided that they would not be going through with that idea, and they decided to nix the idea. While Austin did not appear on the show, LaVar Ball’s segment did get WWE some mainstream attention after all.
It is said that WWE creative had been coming up with more ideas on how Austin could be used that the Ball family would be alright with, but Austin himself decided not to partake in any of those. Stone Cold Steve Austin has said before that if he were to appear before a live crowd nowadays, it would have to be for a segment that he is fully invested in. It is being said that Austin was in the Staples Center that night catching up with friends and discussing his podcast with people. Steve Austin does not appear in front of the WWE crowd very regularly anymore, which is a shame because of how many fans still want to see him. Despite this, when the glass does inevitably shatter again, it will be even more meaningful and memorable.

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