'When Klopp or Guardiola do it they're special' – Mourinho feels he is treated differently to rivals

The former Red Devils boss claimed outsider status in the footballing world, claiming he broke down walls on his rise to fame

Jose Mourinho believes he is treated differently to Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola, suggesting that, while his actions on the touchline may bring sanctions, the others are praised for showing passion.  

The former Manchester United boss, who was relieved of his duties at Old Trafford in December, has a chequered history when it comes to behaviour on the sidelines, infamously clashing with opposition coaches on a number of occasions during the course of his career.

However, he is adamant that his counterparts at Liverpool and Manchester City are perceived differently when they indulge in the same touchline antics.

“Some people confuse passion with emotional control. I’ll give you an example that you know that I’m right. Similar situations, with me and other managers, different consequences,” Mourinho told beIN Sports .

“When Mourinho behaves bad on the touchline, when Mourinho kicks a bottle, when Mourinho does this, when Mourinho does that, he’s out, he’s suspended, he’s paying for this.  

“When Jurgen [Klopp] does he’s special. When Pep [Guardiola] does, he’s special. When Mourinho does, he’s out.” 

The Portuguese considers himself an outsider in the football world, claiming that he is not part of the ‘ football tribe’ because of his lack of a playing career.  

He has taken up work as a pundit since his dismissal from the United job and, while he says he has turned down a number of offers to return to coaching , he insists he’s had to make a name for himself the hard way.

“Honestly I think that for some reason, I don’t belong to what I used to call ‘the tribe,’” said Mourinho. “I don’t belong to the football tribe.  

“I love football, football is my life. I’ve been in football since I can remember, but I don’t belong to the tribe. I don’t lose time in the tribe. I don’t lose time in creating an image, in creating a position of privilege.  

“I don’t belong to the tribe. I have the situation that I have, the prestige that I have, only because of my work and because of my results. Nobody gave me nothing.” 

Mourinho also believes that, because of him, it’s much easier for a manager to make his way to the top without having been a top player.  

“Nowadays, it’s much easier than when I started,” he said. “When I started, no football top manager without a big career as a player.  

“I broke every wall. I was the first, or one of the first, that from zero I became what I became, alone. Nobody gave me anything.”

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