Why We Love the World Cup

The four year wait is almost over. What makes the World Cup so special? I have some answers. I am sure you do as well.

It’s Pele finding Carlos Alberto
It’s seeing Mick in St. Etienne singing “here we go”

It’s a Hagi, Stoichkov, and Rivelino free kick.
It’s because Rossi’s got a hat trick

It’s Wynalda making it rain in Pontiac
It’s Eugene Ekeke giving an entire football-mad country a heart attack

It’s Bergkamp stopping a 60 yarder on a dime
It’s regretting that Best, Giggs, and Weah
didn't get their chance to shine.

It made Cubillas and Schilacci household names
It’s Jairzinho scoring in six straight games.

It’s Oliseh striking from out of nowhere
It’s Paul Brietner’s goals…
and his hair

We wish we could have seen Garrincha, the little bird, fly

Because it’s made grown men like Gazza Cry

It’s Laudrup carving up Charruas in Neza
It’s Der Kaiser playing with one arm at the Azteca

It’s Gordon Banks denying el Rey
It’s David Narey giving Scotland hope…
and then Zico and Company taking it away.

It’s Bebeto rocking the baby at the Cotton Bowl

It’s Tardelli’s celebration
It’s a Kuwaiti pitch invasion

It’s Saeed Al-Owairan dancing through Belgians at RFK
It’s wishing Salvador Cabañas had gotten his chance to play

It’s Nelinho’s curve ball
And Alain Giresse playing
like he’s 10 feet tall

It’s because Milla’s the only swinger in town

But hurts like hell when your side finally goes down

It’s because that third goal at Wembley is debated to this day
It’s wishing Brasil 82 could have gone all the way

Cruyff and Platini showed some great stuff
But even their best wasn’t good enough

It’s Maxi’s volley, Negrete’s scissors, and Platt’s turn
It’s Fritz and company
stunning the Hungarians in Bern

It’s because for 6 glorious minutes, Haiti led the Azurri
After being 3 down to North Korea
it’s Eusebio’s 4 goal flurry

And on this eve our spirits are high and our hopes are up
Because we all have the unyielding belief
that our team will lift the cup

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