WRX Spotted: Bettinardi’s Watermelon Kool-Aid headcovers

This week on the range at the Wyndham Championship, we’ve spotted Bettinardi’s 2019 “Summer Classic Cover”—AKA Watermelon Kool-Aid.

Two colors of the headcover have been spotted in our forums – red and yellow. According to the company, the yellow Watermelon Kool-Aid is an extremely rare prototype with poison eyes. Both editions feature the words “Bettinardi” and “Tour” written across them, the latter, which of course represents their “Tour Only” status.

For those frustrated that Bettinardi’s Watermelon Kool-Aid may be Tour only, there is good news. The brand is also releasing a version of the headcover in the Hive this week (below).

There may be no yellow version of the prototype Watermelon Kool-Aid cover available, but the brand is also dropping a thin slice of summer in the form of watermelon ballmarkers (below) Thursday in the Hive.

Bettinardi’s Watermelon Kool-Aid headcovers are blade only and will drop in the Hive at Bettinardi.com this Thursday at 10 AM CDT.

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