WRX Spotted: LA Golf Shafts TPHDe2

On the outside, golf shafts appear fairly simple. Layers of graphite, carbon, and maybe some other exotic fibers wrapped together and, boom, you have a shaft. In reality, it goes WAAYYY beyond that. Sourcing various materials from the same companies building all sorts of things in the aerospace industry, creating prototypes, working with players & fitters to get feedback, all this before we ever see anything at the retail level.

After going through all of these processes, LA Golf Shafts now has developed the TPHDe2… the second and updated version of the TPHDe.

Some back story here: The TPHDe was a famous shaft originally designed by Matrix (which was bought by LA Golf Partners). Its fame came from the materials that were used along with the fact that, kind of like a concept car because of the materials used, it had a pretty hefty price tag: around $1,000 at the time of release.

We spotted this along with some other models early last week at the WGC FedEx StJude. We had an idea of what they were but wanted to confirm some details before spreading the word. We reached out to LA Golf Shafts Chris Nolan for the details.

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What we spotted are new prototypes along with some JDM market shafts that will become available in North America at a later date. The TPHDe2 is a totally new redesign done by John Oldenburg with input all the way down the line from PGA Tour players like Bryson DeChambeau, all the way to D1 college golfers. This is where the testing processes are so important because with so many swings, each one like a fingerprint, it’s vital for final product iterations that they both perform and provide a feel that players are looking for.

The TPHDe2 will utilize the same zylon material to help add strength to the shafts along with creating stability without feeling boardy—something many players of all skill levels demand.

Testing will continue on tour and we should be seeing these in custom shops soon.

  • In the forums: New LA Golf shafts 

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