WWE Champion AJ Styles Reveals How He Got Injured & More

USA Today recently interviewed WWE Champion AJ Styles for their “For The Win” blog to promote WrestleMania 34 among other things. Below are the highlights from the interview:
The past couple of weeks a lot of fans have been freaking out online over a potential injury you suffered at a Live Event, but you’ve obviously returned to the ring since. What happened there?
“A little of nothing. It was just one of those… got hit in the back of the knee. I think it scared more people than it actually scared me. I knew I was going to make it to WrestleMania, there’s nothing wrong with me.”

Another huge SmackDown match on the WrestleMania card is Charlotte vs. Asuka. How impressed have you been by what those two have accomplished?

“Charlotte, definitely one of the best women’s performers in the WWE, and Asuka, of course, she’s no slacker either. You put these two in the ring…. It’s almost like the same build-up [to Nakamura-Styles]. It’s a match that I want to see, and now the opportunity of it finally happening is very exciting. This WrestleMania is probably one of the best cards in a long time for exciting matches.”
Aside from the last Money In The Bank, we haven’t seen you and Shinsuke face off as opponents in WWE, even at live events. Is that something you’re thankful for, looking back, that this match has been kept totally fresh?
“You know what’s great about that is the same thing happened in Japan, and the same thing’s happening here in WWE. That’s a good thing. There are matches that you can have over and over and over again and people will love it, but there are some matches that you wish you had and you never got the opportunity to see it – this is it.
“This is the match I think a lot of people wanted to see, and I think we proved that at Money In The Bank. The build-up just to that moment was great… The opportunity to do it at WrestleMania is perfect, and the fact that we haven’t touched in a one-on-one competition? Perfect.”

You can read the entire interview of AJ Styles at USAToday.com.

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