WWE Houston, TX, results: Brock Lesnar vs. Sheamus; Lana returns

Submitted By Juan Cantu Jr.

– Chris Jericho def. US Champion Alberto del Rio in a non-title match

The night started out with the announcer informing the crowd that John Cena is injured and will not be at the show tonight. Alberto Del Rio then interrupted her and made his way to the ring. He talked for a while, the lights go out and Y2J’s music hits. He cuts a promo about Houston wrestling and their fans’ legacy. Jericho challeges Del Rio to a match. Del Rio talks his trash and tries to walk away by chest slapping Jericho. Match begins, back and forth, a little slow at times. Y2J comes out victorious after kicking out of repeated submissions. ADR missed his finisher, Y2J hits the Code Breaker and it’s over.

– Titus O’Neil beat Stardust

Before the match, crowd starts to chant ‘Cody Rhodes’. Stardust tries to out power Titus with chest chops but that didn’t work.  Stardust attacks the leg of Titus. Stardust goes for top rope move, but Titus catches and tosses him. Titus hits a boot to the head, setting up the train to the corner. Stardust stumbles out of the corner into the finishing move and that’s a three count for Titus.

– Ryback def. Rusev (w/Lana)

Pre-match promo with Lana talking trash about Houston sports and says the Dallas Cowboys are better than all of Houston. Lana claims Rusev will be next Heavyweight Champion. Rusev snatches the mic and claims that he hates American football, but if he had a team, it would be the Dallas Cowboys. Ryback’s music hits to a large pop. Strength vs. strength early. Cheap shot by Rusev when tied in the ropes when Ryback tries to break cleanly. Rusev gains upper hand. Rusev antagonizing the crowd by waving flag.  Rusev hands flag off to Lana and walks into a belly to belly suplex. Each trying to suplex the other back and forth with a show of strength. Finally Ryback tosses him up and over. Ryback sets up for Meat Hook and hits it.  He attempts a shell shock but Lana jumps on apron.  Distraction worked, and Rusev takes advantage by kicking him in the head. He locks the submission on Ryback, but fights through it. Rusev goes for the splash and misses. Ryback pops up, hits a power bomb and the big guy gets the pin.

– R-Truth def. Heath Slater

Dance off before the match until Slater cheapshots Truth. Action on the outside. Slater tries for the pin and grabs the middle rope for leverage, but ref breaks it up. That leads to Truth rolling him up for the pin. 

– Los Matadores vs. Kalisto and El Torito

Crowd going nuts for Kalisto. Matadores want Torito in there, and he puts on a show for the crowd. Matadores get the upper hand and beat up Torito. Kalisto finally gets tagged in and runs wild. Kalisto hit his finisher for the pin and win.

– Sheamus vs. Brock Lesnar (w/Paul Heyman)

Both are in the ring for intros. Paul takes mic from the ring announcer and begins to introduce Lesnar. They tie up and Lesnar hits a belly to back as the crowd chants “Suplex City.” Sheamus retreats. A few uppercuts from Sheamus, he reverses to the corner, Lesnar stops and pounds him, hitting a suplex on Sheamus. Action spills outside and Lesnar is thrown into the stairs and then back in. Sheamus chops Lesnar, but Brock is no selling it and suplexes Sheamus. Sheamus regains the advantage for a few near falls. Lesnar then hits back to back suplexes. Sheamus retreats and heads to the top, but Lesnar catches him for another suplex. Sheamus hits a brogue kick and goes for the pin, but he kicks out. Sheamus gets suplexed several times and gets hit with the F5 for the pin.


– Houston will host Smackdown on the Tuesday after Wrestlemania. 

– Kevin Owens does a video promo challenging Dean Ambrose later on in the night. The ring announcer explains it will be a street fight.

– Brie Bella vs. Tamina (w/Alicia Fox) with Summer Rae as special ref

Very slow match. The end came when Tamina and Summer were getting into it and Brie hit a suplex to get the win. Usual “We want Sasha” chants.

– Video promo by Ambrose accepting Owens’ challenge.

– Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler

Tyler was using the selfie stick, but it freezes up a couple of times on the big screen, then we get an error for ‘poor connection’. The crowd laughed. Usual good match with plenty of offense from both guys. Several near falls back and forth near the end. Breeze was thrown into the ropes and Ziggler hit a superkick to end it.

– IC Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens street fight

Ambrose enters with kendo sticks in each hand. Fight starts off both men outside of the ring beating on another. Action spilled outside the ring and back into the ring and back outside several times. Lots of chair shows and a “we want tables” chant breaks out. Ambrose goes for the table, but Owens rolls him up for two to prevent it. Eventually, Ambrose set the table up, but got powerbombed through it. Owens goes for the pop-up powerbomb and Ambrose countered it by flipping Owens over. Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds on the shattered table for the clean win.

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