WWE Left a Major Clue for Enzo’s Attacker That You Likely Missed

While this could always be just a huge coincidence, WWE may have left an interesting little hint to the Enzo Amore storyline that only fans truly paying attention would have noticed. As mentioned before, we’ve seen Apollo Crews, The Revival, and even Big Cass teased as being the person who attacked Enzo Amore on the past two editions of Raw. It appears that this new hint that has been pointed out may lead us to a possible confirmed suspect. This has been pointed out by fans of the WWE show and no one with any inside information, so take it as just a theory for now. It is an interesting theory though nonetheless. Here’s the story:
The storyline began when Enzo was mysteriously laid out backstage. Raw announcer Corey Graves, who has always hated Enzo Amore on commentary, noted that he would love to shake the hand of whoever the mystery attacker was. On this week’s Raw, Big Cass confronted Graves after the latter insinuated that Cass himself had something to do with the attacks. Cass bickered with Graves and denied having anything to do with attacking Enzo. After Graves apologized however, Cass settled down and extended his arm for… a handshake, and Corey shook his hand. This has only led to further speculation that Big Cass has turned on his little buddy, and he will be revealed as the attacker in the future.
It’s still strange to think that WWE would split up an act that is still as hot as Enzo Amore and Big Cass, but it definitely looks like Cass could be behind all of this. Expect to see this storyline continue to play out for a while. WWE will likely try very hard to frame The Revival as the culprits here, but that appears to only be a smoke screen on their part. It’ll interesting to see if WWE purposefully booked this handshake easter egg, or if it was merely something that the WWE Universe picked up on. It definitely looks like the ‘Realest Guys in the Room’ may be coming to an end soon, but the whodunit angle will probably continue for a while before the attacker is finally revealed.

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