WWE Monday Night RAW Superstar Wipes His Twitter Account Clean

There have been several WWE Superstars over the past few days that have been wiping their Twitter Accounts clean. There is no word yet on why these Superstars are wiping their Twitter Accounts clean, but it could lead to a character change somewhere down the line or they could simply just be hiding their past. Monday Night RAW Superstar & Multiple Time World Champion Dolph Ziggler is no exception. It is interesting to note that Dolph Ziggler apparently wiped his Twitter Account clean just recently. The only tweet that is on his page as of this writing is a reply to a Twitch stream from Tyler Breeze, as seen below:
Ziggler started deleting the tweets earlier this afternoon and did so fairly quickly, indicating that he used some sort of app to clean everything up. Ziggler even deleted a new tweet he had made to announce some upcoming stand-up comedy dates. Ziggler, who is trying to make it in the comedy & TV world outside of WWE, cleaned his account up at a time when professional athletes and celebrities are dealing with issues as people are uncovering somewhat controversial tweets they made years ago.

?????? https://t.co/dOQr5JYUf6
— Dolph Ziggler (@HEELZiggler) December 10, 2018

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