WWE Superstars results: Darren Young & Bo Dallas dazzle

The Big Takeaway: Adam Rose lost again with no sign of his new gimmick while Bo Dallas beat Darren Young in a strong main event.

Show recap:

Fandango beat Adam Rose (4:03)

They lock up and Fandango chops Rose until he has had enough and kicks Fandango to the gut and puts on a side headlock. Rose shoulder barges Fandango and they chain wrestle until Fandango catches him in a scoop slam. He covers him for two and then whips Rose but he has the drop kick scouted. Rose stomps and kicks Fandango and then postures to the crowd.

Rose chokes him with his foot on the bottom rope and then puts on a rear chin lock. When Fandango powers out, he snap suplexes Rose but Rose no-sells it and reapplies the rear chin lock. Fandango punches his way out and then nails him with clotheslines and a DDT for a two count. Rose then has a long argument with the ref so that Fandango is able to small package him for two.

Fandango uses a sitout suplex to place Rose in position for the Last Dance but he is miles away from the ropes. Fandango launches across the ring and it looks like it sucks and you can clearly see that Rose is saying something to him as Fandango is pinning him.

Bo Dallas beat Darren Young (9:08)

Well, Bo Dallas is quite the mainstay on this show at the moment. Young appears without Titus and looks pumped to be out on the show. They lock up and Dallas pushes Young off which leads to him doing a small victory dance in the ring. Young then uses a side headlock takedown to take Dallas’ wind out of his sails, but as they get up Dallas goes for a roll up. He gets a two count and this leads to him doing a victory lap.

When Dallas comes back in, Young also tries a roll up, followed by a backslide for two. This time Young goes for a victory lap, mimicking Dallas, but also pretending to get blown up halfway round the lap. Dallas comes out to attack him but Young clotheslines him and does Dallas’ pose in the middle of the ring as we head to a break.

Young is holding onto Dallas as we return, slapping him around. Dallas has enough and rolls outside. Dallas sweeps Young’s legs, rolls back in and covers him for two. Dallas uses knees to the head and a neckbreaker but again can only get two. He applies a chin lock.

A Short arm clothesline by Dallas sets him for a really dominant stage of the match where he hits three consecutive back suplexes. He takes his time between each one. After the third, he even does a Lesnar hop from leg to leg. He goes for a fourth, but Young counters it with a cross body, covering him for two. Dallas then gets dumped outside and Young back drops him on to the apron. He then charges him back-first into dasher boards. They roll back in and Young goes for a sunset flip, but Dallas reverses it, holding the ropes to steal the win. This was really well done.

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